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Moodways Travel has partnered up with the Non Profit Organization “The Help Nepal Appeal”.

The Help Nepal Appeal is a social platform that brings people from all around the world together, to allow individuals and organizations locally and globally to reach remote parts of Nepal.

They believe that one small act can have a strong positive ripple effect, so when you empower one person you empower many people. THNA has empowered thousands of Nepali people by providing sustainable approached programs, including Youth Education Sponsorship and Student Leadership Councils that are transforming schools and families both physically and culturally, changing the lives of many.

Here at Moodways Travel & Tours, each trip sold raises enough money to fund a whole month of education for underprivileged children here in Nepal. We also use part of the money to fund different projects that helps the underprivileged community here in Nepal.

Travel through the Himalayas, make beautiful memories and most importantly, help make a difference.

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